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Walk with Peggy

March 10, 2018

Meet our 2017 Walk for the Animals Mascot!

Peggy, Adopted 2/4/13

“One Saturday morning in February 2013, I decided it was time to fill the void created by the loss of our two wonderful dogs. I went to Peggy Adams, and came upon Peggy, a petite Golden Retriever who tried her best to push her toys through the gated door to play. I spoke with her for a bit and then noticed her right leg was missing. Yet, she was the happiest dog I'd ever met.

On her kennel card was written "Adopted". I still decided to speak with an Adoption Coordinator, and they placed my name as a back-up adopter in case the 1st adoption hold fell through. I received a call Monday that we could pick her up!

We all wanted Peggy to be a therapy dog because of her wonderful personality, her habit of sitting up on her hind legs with toy in mouth to greet people, and her overwhelming joy. I tried working with several trainers, but Peggy, although the "perfect" dog - was sometimes like a cat. She wanted to do what SHE wanted to do and no amount of training or treats would change her mind. She just stopped and rolled over on her back for a belly rub.

Peggy loves her walks down Flagler Drive and shares her joy with everyone she meets. She loved swimming laps in the pool until recent age limits stopped her. Now I just guide her into the water and float her around on her aqua lounge.  She loves sunbathing in the morning on the pool deck, riding in cars, and most of all… belly rubs. She brings a toy to everyone she meets, both as a welcome gift, and a good bye gift. She was born with only three legs and is the most sensitive and joyful creature I've ever known.  Peggy is still the perfect dog.”

Barbara Lea

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