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March 10, 2018

Meet our 2018 Walk for the Animals Mascot!

Smokey (now known as Fenrir aka Fen), Adopted 6/5/17

So many people throughout our community rallied to save Smokey, the valiant 2-year-old dog who was chained to a tree and trapped in a brush fire in March, 2017.  The West Palm Beach Fire Rescue found him, cut the chain and saved his life.  "The little guy was burned up pretty good. Even when we grabbed him, he was very distressed. I was concerned whether he would live." - Capt. Gregg Gordon, West Palm Beach Fire Rescue.  Thousands of dollars from hundreds of concerned citizens mobilized to save this sweet young animal. Saving Smokey was touch and go for a while.  Dr. Beth Keser, the League's Lead Veterinarian, notes that "he had third degree burns, some internal, and his leg was burned down to the bone.  He received 40 treatments in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, two blood transfusions, extensive wound care and lots of love from staff and volunteers at the League." Dr. Keser reports, and despite enduring so much pain, he is animated, affectionate and happy.  Dr.  Katelyn Thomas was the veterinary intern at Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center where he went for his hyperbaric treatments.  She fell in love with Smokey while tending to his wounds for two months.  (In fact, the whole staff there was in love with Smokey).  When asked if she was interested in adopting the little guy, her response was a tear-filled, "OF COURSE"!!!  The next day she came to the League, made the adoption official, and she drove her Smokey home.  Join Smokey and his rescuers including the fire fighters that responded to the call and initally made sure he was safe, Dr. Latimer and the staff of Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center, and Smokey's new family at this year's Walk!


UPDATE:  Smokey's adopter says he is doing wonderfully.  She gave him the name Fenrir, which is from Norse mythology - the son of Loki, the trickster god who breathes fire.  This new name was chosen because he has a tendency to be a goofball/trickster and his new family feels as though he breathes fire, since he conquered the flames!

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